Natural Elite & Natural Elite Beauties
Where we are "Natural by Design" & "We Sparkle, Shine & are Divine!"

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Welcome to Natural Elite and Natural Elite Beauties!

We are essentially two great systems all in one great location! We wanted information for both systems to be easily accessible on one website so please check us out and join us soon!  Join us on Facebook for up to date information!

Natural Elite Beauties is our natural system designed for those “newbies” to the pageant world.  These pageants are low stress, high energy and FUN, FUN, FUN!!!  Best of all they are themed pageants with themed awards!!  We have a low, one price entry fee so everyone is considered "all in" for the Supreme titles as well as Queen and Princess titles.  Our natural events are all themed and the themes are always changing, some include Rock-N-Roll, Hippy Days, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Red/White/Blue, etc…  This system is a great way to gain experience in modeling, confidence on stage and the “overall feel” of pageants.  Natural Elite Beauties events are great preparation for our semi glitz system as well.  We hope you can join us for a day of fun near you soon! Compete as much as you like within this system, it is all about having fun!  Natural Elite Beauties, Where being Natural By Design Reigns Supreme!


Natural Elite is our semi glitz system designed to give contestants the option to win higher ranking titles as well as beautiful FULL ROUND crowns!!  Awards are larger at this level and there are more titles to give!  We also offer more on stage competition at this level as well as more optional competitions, including talent!  We require more of our Royalty in this system and are looking for a more “polished” contestant.  Glitz attire is allowed in this system but not required.  We are a more conservative system and are not looking for a full glitz contestant or a porcelain doll.  We hope you will join us during our prelim season in preparation for our annual state event and represent with us on our NC State Royal Court.  We are all about Sparkle, Shine & All Things Divine!